The Repair Process

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United Hail Repairs offer a time efficient, end to end hail repair service - a one stop shop.

The UHR assessing facilities are designed to provide a seamless and professional service from beginning to end while focusing on reassuring the client that they can relax and are in good hands.

To date well over 100,000 vehicles of all makes and models have been quoted and repaired in our assessment and repair facilities as well as in dealerships and fleet operations. To make this possible, we use our most skilled technicians to assess the vehicles, ensuring the quotes are accurate and complete (20 minutes per vehicle/ per lane), and we always look at the vehicle with the intent of maximising the PDR component.

We continue to lead and innovate and are at the leading edge of implementing new technology that determines what is repairable - our unique inspection light tunnels were the first in the industry.

Our technician base both locally and globally is extensive and has been filtered over the past 24 years ensuring that not only are our tech's world class that we work together in harmony and support each other in times of extreme pressure that catastrophes naturally bring, making for a great experience for insurers, clients and staff.

In the event where a combination of repairs are required, we can either handle these in house, or work with our extensive network of partner repairers ensuring consistent delivery of service and quality. These long standing relationships have been forged over many years all across Australia. Any vehicle that requires paintwork form an external panel shop is returned to us, re-inspected in the light tunnel where any final checks are made ensuring our customers are happy, vehicles are not double handled, and the insurer is not bogged down with any service or repair quality issues therefore retaining their clients on an ongoing basis. Our warranty is national, simple, clear and extends for the life of the vehicle.

Web based repair status updates are available to our clients, we use a combination of web based software some of which has been customised for our use.

PDR is a repair method that enables the repair of dents in vehicle panels of all metal types without the need to repaint the completed repair area.

A traditional set of hand skills from the earliest times of panel building and beating are now combined with the latest tooling and techniques allowing our highly skilled PDR technicians to gently massage from the underside of the dents with specially crafted hand tools manipulating/gently pushing the "damaged" area helping the metal return to its original form, which it naturally wants to do.

In some areas of the vehicle we have no access to the rear of the dent, like in the cant rails on the sides of the roof panel for example. Here we apply a different technique where we use hot glues and special glue tabs attaching these tabs to the dented area from the outside, we then allow the glue to set. Once set we then apply a pulling force to the tab either with a slide hammer tool or hand lifting tool, the final finish is achieved with the final technique, which is “blended” using again special blending hammers.

Just as the name implies it is “Paintless” this is the real benefit and magic enabling the factory finish to be retained, this method of repair is the best thing that can be done for any modern vehicle. It’s simple, a paintless repaired vehicle holds a higher resale value, has no products that can fail and change over time, it looks genuine and original and when done by the United Hail Repair team you can be assured of excellent repair quality and the backup of a national warranty.