Frequently asked questions

Q: How is paintless dent repair (PDR) done?

PDR is a repair method that enables the repair of dents in vehicle panels of all metal types without the need to repaint the completed repair area.

A traditional set of hand skills from the earliest times of panel building and beating are now combined with the latest tooling and techniques allowing our highly skilled PDR technicians to gently massage from the underside of the dents with specially crafted hand tools manipulating/gently pushing the "damaged" area helping the metal return to its original form, which it naturally wants to do.

In some areas of the vehicle we have no access to the rear of the dent, like in the cant rails on the sides of the roof panel for example. Here we apply a different technique where we use hot glues and special glue tabs attaching these tabs to the dented area from the outside, we then allow the glue to set. Once set we then apply a pulling force to the tab either with a slide hammer tool or hand lifting tool, the final finish is achieved with the final technique, which is “blended” using again special blending hammers.

Just as the name implies it is “Paintless” this is the real benefit and magic enabling the factory finish to be retained, this method of repair is the best thing that can be done for any modern vehicle. It’s simple, a paintless repaired vehicle holds a higher resale value, has no products that can fail and change over time, it looks genuine and original and when done by the United Hail Repair team you can be assured of excellent repair quality and the backup of a national warranty.

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  • Completely Green process - 100% eco friendly
  • The only method of repair that can maintain the original factory finish
  • Faster process allowing for quick turnaround time
  • Less intrusive to your vehicle
  • No grinding, cutting, welding or filler products are used in the process so these "risk" elements don't exist
  • The only way to retain your vehicles pre-damage resale value
  • Uses a combination of traditional hand-skills and cutting edge techniques and tools which allows us to repair most dents without the need for paint
  • Lifetime warranty on all factory paint
  • Is the preferred method of hail repair
Q: What happens now?

You’ve been to an assessment centre or local panel beater and your car has been "cash settled or total lossed” by your insurer and you have chosen to keep your vehicle, but you want it back to its former glory.

We can help. United Hail repair technicians are constantly asked by us to push the boundaries of what is repairable and after many years of doing so now can achieve an excellent repair results on severely damaged vehicles or light damage just as well. We have a presence in every hail event in Australia so no matter where you live we can help.

Q: My car was damaged in a hail storm. What do I do now?

Contact your insurance company and notify them of the damage. All insurance companies follow their own repair procedures depending upon the size and severity of the storm. You may be advised of an assessment centre to take your car to for a quote, or in some cases be directed to the United Hail Repairs hotline ( 1300 308 294 ) to arrange a suitable time and location for an assessment of your vehicle.

Q: What happens when my car is assessed?

The United Hail Repairs team will quote the damage to your car, noting any conventional repairs (such as paintwork) or parts to be replaced. A formal quote will be given to your insurance company for approval to commence repairs. Your insurance company or a member of the United Hail Repairs team will contact you to advise of a time and location for the repairs to be carried out. We recommend you keep in contact with both your insurance company and United Hail Repairs at all stages of the claim and repair process.

Q: How long will it take to repair my car?

Once the vehicle has been assessed, quoted and approved, your insurance company or a member of the United Hail Repairs team will contact you to advise of a time and location for the repairs to be carried out. The repairs can take from as little as 2-5 days depending upon the amount of damage to your vehicle. Repairs will take longer if conventional repairs are required.

Q: What happens if my car also needs some paintwork or parts?

The United Hail Repairs team will complete all repairs including any paintwork and the replacement of all damaged parts to the highest standards every time. We have long standing support of many quality body shops all around Australia and after many years working closely together we understand the quality and turn around time expectations of our customers and we as a team strive to exceed those expectations every day.

If you own a body shop and would like to know more about working with us or need the services of our specialist technicians call us on 1300 308 294.

Q: When do I pay my excess?

Your excess is payable on collection of your vehicle.